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Subject: calculating volume
Posted by:  Simon Desarte (simon_desar…
Date: 21 Oct 2003

I am getting very frustrated with trying to put the formula for
calculating the volume of a solid cone and was wondering if anyone can
help me.

I can do it on paper but can't seem to get it to work in excel!
I have installed the analylis tool pack to give me all the SQRT
functions etc

I do have one criteria that is constant and that is the height of the
cone shape which will always be 10cm.

So I would like to enter the first circumference in cell A1 and then
the second circumference in cell B1 and get the answer in C1 (allowing
for the height to always be 10cm).

I.E. circ1= 25cm circ2= 30cm height = 10cm

Any help would be most appreciated

Kind regards