excel putting random cells into date format

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Subject: excel putting random cells into date format
Posted by:  rob (rmud…@standardsourceinc.com)
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003

I opened a new spreadsheetand started inputting data.
About 100 lines into a very simple sheet of only 3
columns the numbers started turning inot dates all by
them selves.  I highlighted the cells and reformatted to
the general formatting and it immediately went back to
the date format.  Additionally, when I printede the
spreadsheet it printed pages and pages of blank gridlined
sheets until I realized it and turned off the printer.
THen when I saved the file it was 7meg!  This file had 5
pages, 3 colums each and no more than 300 rows each.  I
cut and pasted the data into a spreadshet somone had
emailed me and when saving that one it was only 114 k.
What am I missing?