Wierd Listbox problem

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Subject: Wierd Listbox problem
Posted by:  Gunner (anonymo…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003


I have a userform with a listbox I fill with content of a
range. Works fine. But I found out that some of the rows
are NOT needed in the listbox. I therefore made the range
without this rows,like this:
(Obviously not row 13 and 28

But when I run the makro I get a wierd error, and are
being kicked out.

Here is the code to fill the listbox:
UserForm6.LBTankRes.RowSource = "Tankoversikt!

Maybe something like this works? If the content of
range"luftgassLager" column A is anything except integer,
do not fill with that row...

Does anyone have a clue?
Anyhelp is appreciated from this guy.