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Subject: Re: Pivot Table question
Posted by:  Debra Dalgleish (d…
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003

Add a column to the source data, which will return a 1 for the first
instance of each item. For example, in cell B2:


Copy the formula down to the last row of data.

Expand the pivot table source range to include this column, and add the
new field to the data area of the pivot table, as a SUM.

Scott Riddle wrote:
> I have a 1 column list of items like this:
> Fruits:
> Apples
> Oranges
> Pears
> Oranges
> Pears
> Oranges
> Pears
> Apples
> Apples
> Apples
> How do I get a pivot table to give me the count of each fruit along
> with the number of fruits listed? I change the layout of my pivot
> table to have Fruits shown for ROW and Count of Fruits for the DATA.
> How do I now get it to show me the count of different fruits? I am
> looking for the number 3. It shows me each of the fruits but no count
> as to how many different types. Do I need to enter a formula somewhere
> or can it be formated somehow into the pivot table? I want to be able
> to do this in the pivot table and not a seperate formula in a cell.
> Scott

Debra Dalgleish
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