Excel 2003 -Template Wizard Data Tracking?

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Subject: Excel 2003 -Template Wizard Data Tracking?
Posted by:  Lori (anonymo…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003

I have a client that has created a template using
the "Template Wizard Data Tracking" in a previous Excel
Version.  When she tries to open it in Excel 2003 she
gets a template wizard error message.

It looks like this add-in is not available in 2003?  Does
any one know what replaced it?

Here is a better description of what she used it for:

Expected Activity:
Enter data onto template form, which will update master
spreadsheet.  Template use allows more than one user to
enter data onto the spreadsheet.  Master spreadsheet is
protected from users deleting records in error as all
data entry is through template.

The add in allows me/you to automatically generate a
master spreadsheet to link to the template.  The master
spreadsheet can be on the LAN/server and the templates
can be on the individual computers.

The general idea is to have an Excel document(s) behaving
as close as possible to an Access database as we don't
have a license for Access.

Unexpected Activity:
Template wizard error message.  Inability to generate
master spreadsheet using template as template not found.