Excel changes my formulas

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Subject: Excel changes my formulas
Posted by:  Eduardo Paris (eparis_…@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003

Excel is changing my formulas every time I input a new
value that is an input for the formula.
I does not happen everywhere, but is fairly consistent
where it happens.
This is creating havoc in a monstrous edifice of numerical
Let's say I have column A with an existing numerical
value, then I have column B with a formula adding columns
C and D (B=C+D).  On columns C and D, I input numerical
values.  Then I have column E, adding columns A+B (E=A+B).
In many places in my spreadsheet, the moment I put a
number, any munber, in column C or column D, column E
becomes A+B+C (E=A+B+C).
If I now go back to columns C or D and now type another
number on top of the previous one, the new formula for E
becomes E=A+B+C+D and so on.