Modifying text data in an imported contact file

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Subject: Modifying text data in an imported contact file
Posted by:  Stuff (w.h.adamsNO-SP…
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003


(I am using Excel 2000)

I have imported close to 700 contacts from a web based contact manager.  I
have successfully separated the first, middle, and last names using DATA >

2 "problems" remain-- a serious one and a not-so-serious one:

#! --- The names are hyperlinked to the old web based URL, and selecting a
name brings up the website -- this is the serious problem -- how do I remove
the hyperlink leaving only text?

#2 --- The names are all capitalized -- not-so-serious, but not-so-nice --
how can I efficiently produce all lower-case letters following the initial
capital letter?

Thank you for you suggestions!!!!


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