Possible Bugs in XL2000 Onwards?

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Subject: Possible Bugs in XL2000 Onwards?
Posted by:  Alan (alan1…@ntlworld.com)
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003

Hello All,
              First one,
If you select View Full Screen in Excel 2000, either via the View Toolbar or
by VBA
Application.DisplayFullScreen = True ,
the sheet tabs either disappear or can only just be seen. The answer is to
pull the Windows Start Task Bar down manually until its just a sliver, then
pull it back up, the sheet tabs can then be seen as normal. This is the same
in Office XP which I as understand is Excel 2002, don't know about 2003.
              Second one,
If a macro is recorded to hide the Formula Bar, it hides the Status bar
instead!  This is what appears in the VBA Module
Application.DisplayStatusBar = False

Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong in either of these, or if they are
Bugs, is there a fix?