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Subject: handicap predictions
Posted by:  ditchy (ditc…@ncable.net.au)
Date: 26 Oct 2003

Hi there excellers, can someone help me with this problem

        Col a        Col b        Col c        Col d    
          predicted time                handicap    total time
row1        0:18:00            100%        0:09:00            0:27:00    
row2        0:27:00                    0:00:00            0:27:00
row3        0:22:30                    0:04:30            0:27:00    
row4        0:20:00                    0:07:00            0:27:00
formula            h:mm:ss                    h:mm:ss            h:mm:ss
I am trying to do handicaps and what I need is a formula.
Row 1 col a is the fastest time which I want as 100% so that the other
handicaps will be based on the fastest time, how do I get row 2,3,4
col a to be a percentage of Row 1 col a
Regards Ditchy