Re: Web queries for a password-protected ASP page

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Subject: Re: Web queries for a password-protected ASP page
Posted by:  Tom Ogilvy (twogil…
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003

You can try something like this:


My understanding is that there is no standard for getting a username and
password for http, so the above may not work.

That said, does the data only exist in the code of the web page?  If not,
why not go to the source or have the asp write a file that you can retrieve.
I believe using the above is more reliable with FTP.

Tom Ogilvy

Bob <anonymo…> wrote in message
> I would like to easily extract data from a web page that I have created
using Active Server Pages.  The rub here is that the page is password
protected and that it must be filtered before it provides the correct
results.  The commands to do the filtering are NOT in the URL.  How can I
use a web query to extract this data from my web page.  When I try to do it
I get the response that I am not logged in which is the typical response if
I try to display a page from the URL only w/o logging in.  Should I be
looking at something besides web queries to simply cut and paste information
from my web page to the Excel spreadsheet?



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