Re: Saving and opening a named folder using VB

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Subject: Re: Saving and opening a named folder using VB
Posted by:  John Wilson (jwils…
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003


Just guessing, but are you trying to modify one Excel file via another??
If so, why not use:

If both files are in the same directory (regardless of the what it's named)
it should work.


"rob nobel" <robnob…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> In creating a workbook, I seem to have struck a dificulty in that if the
> workbook is transferred to another computer I need to change some of the
> code each time (as the other computers run different versions of windows,
> the path to a specific folder is different.)
> The code that's affected relates to saving the file and opening the file
> using VB code within that file. Is there some way that excel can create a
> new named folder and place it in the My Documents folder so that the
> procedure would work in allcircumstances?  AND also look for that folder
> (wherever it may be found) to open a file.
> Rob


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