cant write a formula in some cells

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Subject: cant write a formula in some cells
Posted by:  Kevin (kevin.brenn…!)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003

This is a two part question, first, I have a value that I want to copy all
the way from range B3:B6000, what I do is just write a formula in B4 as =B3
and then select B4 and drag the mouse with the autofill all the way to the
cell B6000! Is there a  simpler, elegant  way to copy the value of B3 form
Second question, when I write the formula in B4 or anywhere in the B:B range
the formula is not a formula???. I look to see if there is a macro that does
not allow to write a formula in that range but cant find any reference to
Column B in that Sheet. I check many thing and all I can think are, the page
or workbook are not protected, cant find any reference in Sheet 1 that
contains a macro on range B:B, I also tried to trace de formula but excel
said its not a formula, Does anybody has any Ideas!

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Brenner