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Subject: Re: cant write a formula in some cells
Posted by:  Tom Ogilvy (twogil…
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003

In the name box type

B4:B6000 <cr>
this will select B4:B6000
go to the formula bar and type
then do Ctrl+Enter rather than just enter.  This will enter the adjusted
formula in each cell (so every cell will reference the cell above it an they
will all hold the value of B3).

More than likely, you have some cells formatted as Text.  Select Column B
and do format=>Cells, select number tab and select General.

The other possibility is that you are in formula view.  If you can not put a
formula in any cell and have it act as a formula, the this might be
indicated.  the view can be toggled with Ctrl+~  (ctrl + the upper left key
on the number row, no shift key).

Tom Ogilvy

Kevin <kevin.brenn…!> wrote in message
> This is a two part question, first, I have a value that I want to copy all
> the way from range B3:B6000, what I do is just write a formula in B4 as
> and then select B4 and drag the mouse with the autofill all the way to the
> cell B6000! Is there a  simpler, elegant  way to copy the value of B3 form
> B4:B6000?
> Second question, when I write the formula in B4 or anywhere in the B:B
> the formula is not a formula???. I look to see if there is a macro that
> not allow to write a formula in that range but cant find any reference to
> Column B in that Sheet. I check many thing and all I can think are, the
> or workbook are not protected, cant find any reference in Sheet 1 that
> contains a macro on range B:B, I also tried to trace de formula but excel
> said its not a formula, Does anybody has any Ideas!
> Thanks in advance.
> Kevin Brenner


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