Format column auto to "Hidden"

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Subject: Format column auto to "Hidden"
Posted by:  Nils (anonymo…
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003

How do I set up an automatic column format to "zero" width
or hidden.  What I want to do is when a particular cell
has a certain value I want another column or row to hide
itself and when the cell is changed to another value the
column will show up again.  I have looking through various
excel developer books and cannot seem to find the answer.
I even tried a macro and still could not get it to work.

In other words, if cell j5 = x (text) or a number - lets
say 5 then column "b" goes to hidden or zero width ---
then when cell j5 is not the x or 5 column "b" goes back
to normal and is seen!

P.S. same for rows as well!

I hope you can help!
Thanks, Nils