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Subject: Re: Linking workbooks
Posted by:  Ken Wright (ken.wrig…
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003

Open both books (Names will have to be slightly different), do Window / Arrange
/ Tiled, then click on a cell in his personal workbook that he would like to
update automatically, type = and then click on that cell in the other workbook
(May have to click twice - once to select workbook and once to select cell) and
then hit Enter.  Copy the cell and paste special as formulas everywhere he wants
to be linked.  Close Source workbook (ie the one on the public drive) and then
save the one on his personal drive.  When he opens it will prompt for updates
and update if told to do so.

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"Matty" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> A colleague has, for some reason, got two identical work books, one in his
> own user drive, and the other in the personnel group drive. He would like to
> have the workbook in the group drive update automatically when he updates
> the workbook in his own user drive. I suggested just using the one in the
> personnel drive, with the necessary permissions, but he would like to be
> able to do it his way!!
> My questions are: can this be done, and if so how?
> We are using Office 2K.
> Many thanks in advance
> Matty

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