Finding links in multiple files

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Subject: Finding links in multiple files
Posted by:  Valerie Christopher (anonymo…
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003

We are changing the structure of our network and want to
move several hundred files from one drive to another,
changing the pathing.  For instance the file would go from
X:\budget\*.xls to

Our fiscal people use links within and across workbooks
and folders extensively.  I am wondering if there is some
way to run a text report that lists every link in every
workbook in a particular folder and then update all those
links without having to open each and every workbook.

I posed this issue previously and was given wonderful
utilities that work within a workbook, but I don't want to
have to open each workbook to generate the report.  Does
anyone have any ideas for a global search and replace?

Valerie W. Christopher