Not so simple checkbook worksheet

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Subject: Not so simple checkbook worksheet
Posted by:  Joseph
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003

At first I just wanted to make a simple checkbook worksheet so I can have a backup whenever my manual registry is used up. The spreadsheet is simple enogh:
Column A: Date
B: Check number (most cells are blank though because of debit cards, ATM, etc.)
C: Type (category so I can see where money is going, i.e. food, rent, car, entertainment, etc.)
D: Transaction (where the money went)
E: Payment
F: Deposits
G: Balance (with the formula in cell G3: =IF(A3="","",G2-E3+F3)

Looking at it now, I want to be able to do a 2 things:
1. at the top of the sheet, keep the updated balance so I don't have to scroll down the several hundred or thousand entries to see the current balance
2. run some sort of macro that charts the current month's expenses by type (i.e. a pie chart with the catagories from column C and the percentages) and does not include the previous month's info - even if it is the first day of the month.