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Subject: Re: Save Function and Macro Question
Posted by:  Peo Sjoblom (terre…
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003

1. There are some functions that are volatile and if they are present you
be prompted to save regardless if you did anything


2. You have to delete the module the macro was in, open the workbook, press
alt + F11,
in the left hand side project pane look for your workbook, you will probably
see something
like Module1 looking like a regular windows folder. Right click it, select
remove module1 (or
whatever name it has), select no when prompted to export.



Peo Sjoblom

"Excel Semi-Pro" <anonymo…> wrote in message
> Some of my worksheets will ask me if I want to save upon exit even when I
make no changes, and some don't. I believe it has something to do with a
prior link that has been deleted.
> Also, a similar situation, upon opening a worksheet, the "macro warning"
window comes up even though I have no macro. I started to write a macro and
then deleted it. I still get the warning.
> These are just annoying.



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