Preventing Save Dialogs from displaying

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Subject: Preventing Save Dialogs from displaying
Posted by:  Everett (anonymo…
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003

Hello All!

I am using Excel 2000 to open and view Excel 5.0/95

In my application, once I have made a modification to a
spreadsheet (behind the scenes I am modifying the ZOOM
percentage), I call the Save procedure to save my work.

This is fine and dandy, but, after that, I get a dialog
similar to the following:

"FileABC.xls is a Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook. Do you
want to overwrite it with the latest Excel format?

* To overwrite it, click Yes.
* To save in the current format, click No."

Right now, I am electing to click on "NO" thereby saving
my file in the original format.  Is there a way make this
dialog invisible to the user?  I don't want them to have
to click anything as I need to make this invisible to them.

Any suggestions or ideas?