Toolbar macros, Personal.xls and the .xlb file

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Subject: Toolbar macros, Personal.xls and the .xlb file
Posted by:  David Brand (dbra…
Date: 29 Oct 2003

Several of my toolbar buttons are associated with macros. Whenever I
update the toolbars I copy my .xlb file to the other 2 or 3 machines I
work on. However my Personal.xls file is not located in the same
folder on each machine. Consequently after copying the new .xlb file
across to the other machines, I have to re-point each button to the
correct macro. Is there an easier way of doing this – eg.
Programmatically. Alternatively, it seems the information about the
location of the Personal.xls file is located in the .xlb file. Is
there some way to modify the .xlb file?

Another problem that seems to be related to replacing the .xlb file is
that I lose the Security menu from the Tools | Macro sub-menu. How can
I restore this eg. Is this a registry setting or is it also set in the
..xlb file?

Thanks, David