Creating S&D diagrams in Excel

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Subject: Creating S&D diagrams in Excel
Posted by:  John Ryan (celtic…
Date: 30 Oct 2003

I'm trying to make simple supply and demand diagrams in excel but its
not working the way I want it. This is my worksheet:
Price    Qd    Qs1    Qs2
0    10    0    0
1    8    2    2
2    6    4    4
3    4    6    6
4    2    8    8
5    0    10    10

....that I want to make a graph of. So I use the wizard, but *no
matter* what I do the price is always on the X-axis and the quantity
demanded on the Y. How do I change this?? I assume it's something
simple with the formula thing but I don't understand that at all.

Thanks in advance