Irritating "prompt" from Excel

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Subject: Irritating "prompt" from Excel
Posted by:  Wayne (anonymo…
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003

Hello, I purchased a new notebook that has Windows XP Home
Edition installed. I loaded onto it Office 97 which i had
purchased some time ago for my desktop. Everything works
fine except that every time i open an Excel spreadsheet, i
get a box telling me that "a document with the same name
is already opened and i can't open two of them with the
same on, and so forth". It doesn't matter
if it's an old document, a new one, a copy of one, and so
on. About the only thing i haven't tried is removing the
software completely and reinstalling it (i'll do this when
i return home this coming Wednesday).

If anyone has any ideas?
Thanks, Wayne