File Locked for Editing

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Subject: File Locked for Editing
Posted by:  howard (howa…
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003

I posted this problem a little while ago, and while I have
had several responses none of them have proved helpful.

I have one XLS file that gives me a message on attempting
to open that:

XXX.XLS is locked for editing by user xx

The user is always me.  This is a single user workstation,
Windows XP Pro, Excel 2000.

This just started happening recently.

The only thing unusual about this particular XLS worksheet
is that it uses the Microsoft stock quote add-in.

The only thing that cures the problem and allows me to
edit the file again is a reboot.  After a reboot I can
access the file for a little while.  Then it gets locked
somehow.  Even if I never exit from Excel, I get a message
that the file is locked and cannot be saved.

I have tried the following suggestions without improvement:

1.  Re-registered Excel
2.  Renamed the file
3.  Opened the file from within Excel rather than using
Windows Explorer.
4.  The file is not a networked file and none of the
suggestions involving network fixes are applicable.

I am highly suspicious at this point that there is some
flaw in the Microsoft Stock Quote macros that is causing
this, as I never see it with any other .XLS file except
the one that uses the Stock Quote macros.  Since the whole
point of the spreadsheet is to monitor stock data,
suggestions to not use the Stock Quote macro would not be

Any further ideas?