Keyboard problems

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Subject: Keyboard problems
Posted by:  Naz
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006

Hi everyone,

I've just purchased a new wireless keyboard Logitech MX5000 wicked keyboard
but has a problem that i need help with.
Its the function keys, they all have other function allocated to them, so
for example pressing F4 doesn't undo and more irritatingly it doesn't toggle
the $ in the formulas, instead it opens Access. F5 does undo and F6 does
Redo. Alt F11 doesn't open VBE it open control panel.
The keyboard does come with a utility Set Point that allows you to redifine
the keys but there is no sort of use application default short-cuts.  Its is
really bothersome in Excel.

I've tried looking at the Logitech web site but to no avail, does anyone
else use this keyboard or similar logitech keyboard and know a way round.

All help is appreciated