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Subject: Formula Help
Posted by:  cpontrelli (
Date: Tue, 2 May 2006

I recently have recently started using Excell to keep track of things in
my side job as a video game reviewer, and have encountered a problem. I
need to find a way for Excel to sort through a list of 60 (the numbers
are not 1-60, there is just 60 total numbers) numbers and assign a name
to them in groups of 12. The numbers are not in order. So in other
words, lets say the list was literally the numbers 1-60; I want it to
look for any numbers that fall within 1-12 and name them "Group A",
look for any numbers that fall within 13-24 and name them "Group B",
and so on and so forth. Any Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank

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