How to correct a "#VALUE!"

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Subject: How to correct a "#VALUE!"
Posted by:  Serge
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006

I just completed a workbook (two worksheet) with help from some very nice
group members.
Now I want to create a master template. In the user input cells,I deleted
the data used to create the workbook in the first place. Now where the
answers should be I get this "#VALUE!" and one of the cell has a "#DIV/0" and
other cells that has the same formula, shows a "0" which I don't mind. Why
would I get this answer in some cells and not in other cells.
Also I would like to lock this workbook to prevent changes of the formulas
by other staff members and still  allowing them to use the workbook.
Can someone help with my request?

Many thanks in advance.