Getting percentile averages without the #DIV/0! errors!

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Subject: Getting percentile averages without the #DIV/0! errors!
Posted by:  tearingoutmyhair
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006

I am trying to get an average of a months worth of percentages and then the
average for the year. But some months have that column with all blank cells
and I get the above mentioned error because it can't divide zeros or blank
cells, I've tried EVERY formula I could think of or find applicable in the
Help! but am still coming up with the same thing.

If anyone knows:
1. How to ignore blank cells/zeros in cells and keep the average formula at
the end of the month for a total?
2. How to average 12 months of average totals some with errors and ignoring
those errors?

This might have been confusing but I've been up almost 24 hours with 4 hours
of sleep. Thanks