Update data automatically among worksheets

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Subject: Update data automatically among worksheets
Posted by:  Leo
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006

I have 10 worksheets in one workbook.  On every worksheet, from A1 to M100
are the data I use for calculations.  These data are exactly the same on
every worksheet (I placed them on every worksheet so that it is easier to
link and check numbers).

Right now the data on worksheet 2 to 9 are linked to worksheet 1, so when I
want to revise/refresh the data, I make changes on worksheet 1, and the
changes are reflected on other worksheets through the links.  I wonder, if
there is a way that allows me to make changes on any worksheet, and then
automatically update the data on other worksheets?  Maybe there is a OnChange
event in VBA?

Thanks in advance.