Conditional Formatting-Comparing Two Columns

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Subject: Conditional Formatting-Comparing Two Columns
Posted by:  Tom K (
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006

Simple but I can't remember how to do this.

I have two lists that I want to compare. If any of the jobs listed in
the "closed" section match any jobs in the "Open" section the I want
them to be highlighted in the "Closed" section. The colums are sorted
ascendingly but as you see by the "CMAS5016" highlighted in yellow they
are not right next to each other. They may be a few rows off.

Open                  Closed
CMAS5005    CMAS5005
CMAS5007    CMAS5006
CMAS5008    CMAS5011
CMAS5010    CMAS5015
CMAS5013    CMAS5016
CMAS5014    CMAS5018
CMAS5016    CMAS5022
CMAS5019    CMAS5023
CMAS5020    CMAS5028
CMAS5021    CMMT5033
CMAS5025    CMMT5034
CMAS5026    CMMT5052
CMAS5027    CMMT5053
CMAS5029    CMMT5055
CMAS5030    EPSO5005
CMAS5031    FEEM5001
CMAS5032    FEEM5002

Thanks in advance! I tried searching previuos threads but I could not
find what I needed.

Tom K
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