End of month function

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Subject: End of month function
Posted by:  DavidC
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006


Have found an interesting situation.  I run Office 2000, and Excel has a
neat function called "eomonth".  This allows a spreadsheet to be set up with
the start and end of month dates automatically filled in.  My colleague has
2003, and lo and behold, the "eomonth" function has been removed.  We found a
work arround courtesy of John Wallenbeck, but have to wonder and ask the
question, WHY does microsoft remove good functionality in later versions.
Aside from the apparent illogicality of the move, it will render any
spreadsheet using that or any other simillar function, useless when opened in
a later version.

Thye general rule is that there has been backward compatibility from one
version to the next, yet this is one clear example where the backward
compatability is missing.

Does anyone have any idea why a perfectly good and workable function should
be removed?