Using Vlookup with merged cells...

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Subject: Using Vlookup with merged cells...
Posted by:  Regnab (p.heywo…
Date: 4 May 2006

In column A I have group titles. In column B I have the individual
elements. So for example, the location in ColA is "Italy", and then the
company names located in Italy are in ColB. I have merged the rows in
Col A so that if I hide some but not all the rows corresponding to the
companies, the location ("Italy") appears for those still showing.

I would like to be able to use VLookup so I could type in a company
name and it would return the location. However, because it is a merged
cell, it returns "0". Anyone got any stunning ideas how I can do this
or will I need to unmerge in order to get a result??