MS Office 2003 updates have screwed up Excel !

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Subject: MS Office 2003 updates have screwed up Excel !
Posted by:  biglogger
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006

I've just been trying to do some MS Office 2003 updates after being prompted
for them when uploading MS Publisher to my laptop --- but one of the updates
(for Service Pack 3) keeps telling me that the feature I want to use (I want
to use it ?!?!) is on the XP Pro CD and asking me to insert the CD (which is
500 miles away somewhere buried in a box).  And when I cancel (no other
option !), then the installation fails of course.

To add to the fun, I now can't open Excel - instead an MS XP Pro dialog box
pops us immediately telling me to wait while it configures XP.  Huh ? And
then a second later it repeats the same message as above about needing to
insert the XP CD.

Curiously, my other Office applications seem to work fine.  And if I go into
the MS Office folder (via My Computer) and click on the Excel application
file there, then it loads up ok - I do get the same XP configuration dialog
box appearing, but after several attempts to cancel it, it finally goes away
leaving Excel behind and apparently functioning normally.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to unscrew this screw-up....without having
to resort to XP CDs that is !!