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Subject: Re: Currency Conversion
Posted by:  Peo Sjoblom (peo.sjobl…@nw^^
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006

Put the conversion rate in a cell, copy it, select the cells you want to
convert, do edit>paste special and depending on how the conversion is done
select either multiply or divide. For instance if you have 1000 euros in A1
and the conversion rate 1.6 in B1 meaning that one pound is 1.6 euros, then
divide, if you
the same amount of euros in A1 and a conversion rate of 0.625 meaning that
one euro is 0.625 pounds then multiply



Peo Sjoblom

"Juleshenry" <Juleshen…> wrote in message
>I have a several spreadsheets in Euros. I want to change all the numbers to
> Pounds Sterling. I have tried the Euro converter tool but that only gives
> the
> old European currencies that became Euros. Surely there must be any easy
> way
> for me to multiply all the numbers in the spreadsheet by the prevailing
> rate
> of exchange, whatever it is.


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