RE: Missing Excel and Word

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Subject: RE: Missing Excel and Word
Posted by:  RajKohli
Date: Sat, 6 May 2006

First, try to open a Word and Excel Document that you created yesterday. Can
you open a word and excel document successfully? If yes, then you are lucky.
All the
Word and Excel Shortcuts are missing.

Try to make a search of "Excel.exe" and "WinWord.exe" using "Search..."
command from Start Menu.

If no, and Windows ask you to "open with.." that means you have to reinstall.

Hope this information help, let us know!

"D" wrote:

> For some reason my Excel and Word program files have disappeared. I looked in
> the all programs and they are not there.  I last used them yesterday and
> everytihing was o.k. I have not done anything unusual, no storms,etc. All my
> other programs appear to be o.k.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I am lost.
> Thanks



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