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Subject: capture unique values and calculate
Posted by:  bcamp1973 (
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006

ok, this is way over my head...maybe even impossible, but here's what
i'm trying to accomplish.  I want 4 different columns as shown below.
In the "Time" and "Ticket" colums i'll track the total amount of time i
spend on any given ticket. There may be repeat entries for a ticket.  In
the totals column I'd *like* it to automatically add an instance for
each unique ticket dynamically.  So, even though i have ticket #123
entered 3 times, it only shows it once.  To make it more difficult, i
then want to sum the time for all instances of #123 and place it in the
column to the right...does that make any sense?  Hope this helps...

------    --------    ---------    -------
0:30    #123      #123        4:45
1:15    #123      #456        1:00
3:00    #123
1:00    #456
0:15    #456

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