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Subject: Re: #VALUE! error nesting IF function
Posted by:  Andre Croteau (miland…
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006


Create a range name "A" for your range A65:A95
Create a range name "B" for your range B65:B95  etc

in cells A2:A32  (as a group), enter this array formula  =indirect(A1)
(while pressing Shift+ Ctrl+Enter)

So now, when you enter "a" in cell A1, this wll populate your cells A2:A32
with values found in cells A65:A95



<> wrote in
> In A1 I have a formula that can have 7 results: a,b,c,d,e,f,g
> In range A65:A95 I have the results I want if "a", B65:B95 results if
> "b" and so on.
> What I want is if A1=a, then A2:A32 will fill up w/ the range from
> A65:A95
> What I came up w/ for cell A2 was
> =IF(A1="a",A65),IF(A1="b",B65),IF(A1="c",C65),IF(A1="d",D65),IF(A1="e",E65),IF(A1="f",F65),IF(A1="g",A65)
> I'm getting a #VALUE! error.  What am I doing wrong or is there a
> better way to do this?
> Thanks,
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