Change base 6 to base 10?

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Subject: Change base 6 to base 10?
Posted by:  Brian Clarke (Brian.Cla…
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006

A report I get regularly lists amounts of time in hours and parts of an
hour. However, the "parts of an hour" are units of 6 minutes, while the time
is listed in "pseudo-decimal" format, like this:

90 minutes would be        1.3 hours
12 minutes would be        0.12 hours

and so on.

I am trying to get the right formula to translate these into decimal hours,
so that

90 minutes would be    1.5 hours
12 minutes would be    0.2 hours

and so on.

The following works for positive numbers, but not negative numbers.


I have tried adapting this formula, but I am getting nowhere. Any
suggestions would be appreciated.