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Subject: Re: Excel number format problems
Posted by:  Annoyed !!!
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006

That would be fine if I wasn't using a simple formula in the cells as well.
It's a basic six digit date code with an extra two digits to determine
chronological order of production on batch number labels.

I've set it up so that it does a simple calculation =B7+1 for instance where
B7 is the cell immediately above in the column so that it continues down the
column when copied and pasted adding one number at a time.  It needs to be
flexible as some start with 0 if the day is 1 to 9 in the month.  If I could
only retain the custom number format instead of it changing to Greek all the
time it would be fine.

"Bryan Hessey" wrote:

> Set the cell formula to 'text' - ie:
> =Text(A1*A2,"00000000")
> or
> =Text( your calculation ,"00000000")
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> Annoyed !!! Wrote:
> > If I want to use a number with 8 digits and a leading zero I've set up
> > a
> > custom format using 8 zeros.  Trouble is as soon as I go out of format
> > option
> > the cell formatting changes to Greek.  The leading zeros are retained
> > but
> > dissapear when I use the info on the worksheet to merge to labels or
> > other
> > Word documents.
> >
> > How do I retain my custom cell formatting ????
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> Bryan Hessey
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