RE: Getting the values of the points in a trendline

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Subject: RE: Getting the values of the points in a trendline
Posted by:  K Dales
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006

Unfortunately (as far as I know) Excel does not give you easy access to the
trendline formula or its coefficients.  You can, of course, calculate these
yourself but since we know Excel has calculated them already (after all, you
can choose to display the formula) it would be nice if the Trendline object
had a .Formula property that could be used.

But the best solution is to calculate them yourself from the chart's data
series.  For info on the formulas there is a handy reference here:

- K Dales

"e.alain.le…" wrote:

> Hi,
> Based on a set of data, I've created a line pivot chart in Excel. I
> have added a trendline, wich works perfectly! So, why this question?
> Is it possible to get the specific values of a certain point on the
> trendline? For example:
> Pivot table:
> [AverageUse]
> Month        Percentage
> 1              10,1234%
> 2              12,4678%
> 3              9,4373%
> Now I've create a pivot chart (that's a bit difficult to reproduce with
> ASCII-art;) and added a trendline, now I would like to see my pivot
> table like this:
> [AverageUse]
> Month        Percentage    TrendlinePercentage
> 1              10,1234%      9%
> 2              12,4678%      13%
> 3              9,4373%        9%
> Wich excel-guru has some briliant ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
> Best Regards,
> Alain


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