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Subject: Copying Formulas
Posted by:  kellbro (
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006

i need help copying formulas.  i know excel assumes all references are
relative....but i don't want it to, but i also don't want them absolute

For Example:
i have data in columns A-D and rows 1-10 (it's a mixture of data and
formulas) pertaining to one employee.  I copied this section 20 times
below the original (for an additional 20 employees).

Then in Row 1 and Columns E-BC i created formulas to manipulate the
data for the first employee (so all the formulas use cells A1-D10).
When i copy these formulas to Row 2, Columns E-BC the formula defaults
to the data in the cells one row below what i used for employee one.
How do I copy it and tell it to use Rows 11-20 (rather than 2-11)??

I know I can manually go in and alter each formula....but i really
don't want to do that.  any help would be appreciated.  thank you!

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