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Subject: Re: spreadsheet
Posted by:  CLR (crober…
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006

I have not done much with this, but on one project I found that if I used
the Full Acrobat Program, I could programmatically import data from a pdf
file,  However, my user only had the Acrobat Reader Program, so the "import"
step had to be done by hand (SelectAll, CtrlC, CtrV) to get the data into
Excel.  Then macros could take it from there and split it into columns and
manipulate it per my needs.....


Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3

"teddkilroy" <teddkilr…> wrote in message
> Looking for opinions for a solution. I scan about 50 invoices a month with
> OCR software that saves them as PDF. Looking to create template
> and import data into the following way:
> company name, physical address, check # and amount
> Can PDF be imorted into excel or should I be looking into creating a
> dbase?



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