big trouble with combobox/vlookup

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Subject: big trouble with combobox/vlookup
Posted by:  soulfear (soulfear.27ma…
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006

hi there, im setting up a form and this is what i got so far,

sheet1(data) with a table from A2:K106, sheet2(form) has a scanned pi
and some formatted cells where i want my vlookups to work in,  th
first 2 are formatted 5 columns by 2 rows (C7:G8,C11:G12) and the othe
6 cells are 1 column by 2 rows (I7:8,I11:12,I15:16,K7:8,K11:12,K15:16).

iv used form comboboxes, control toolbox and data valadation bu
nothing seems to work with the vlookups this is what iv been using


B3 was the cell i linked the form combobox to, and thats about it
think all the rest was trial and error, lots of error haha help