Assigning Macros to Buttons

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Subject: Assigning Macros to Buttons
Posted by:  christine
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006

I have created an Excel spreadsheet that contains a list that is similar to a
library index... title of document, author, date etc.

For those users who are unfamiliar with Excel I want to create a button that
when you click on it the Find dialogue box comes up automatically.

Excel has already automatically assigned the shortcut Crtl F to bring up
this dialogue- how do I link this to a box??? When I attempt to create a
Macro that brings up this box I can't - I can record a macro that will add
two plus two and do all kinds of great calculations but all I want to do is
bring up the Find dialogue.

I also want to do the same thing on another button that will select the
entire list and bring up the SORT dialogue box - however when you bring up
this dialogue you can't click out of it so i can't stop recording the macro.

Thank you sooo much for your help!