"Daisy-Chain" a conditional format?

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Subject: "Daisy-Chain" a conditional format?
Posted by:  sixwest
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006

I wasn't sure if setting a dynamic range would work in this setup so I tried
something novel (the fact that I'm writing this means it didn't work!). Here

On sheet1, say column"A", I have a data list in each cell where the only
choices are "Y" and "Pndg."

On sheet2, I have a match setup where for example cell A1 has the formula
"=Sheet1!A1" where the "Y" or "Pndg." will automatically propagate when
selected on sheet1. So far so good.

NOW, on sheet2 I have conditional formats setup in column A where those
cells will either "go green" on a "Y" propagation or "go yellow" on a "Pndg."
propagation. Again, so far so good.

What I'm trying to do:

I'm setting up something I call "phantom cells" on sheet2, column "B" where
the data is hidden by matching the cell pattern color with the font color
(such as "white on white"). In this column I want a "1" to propagate for all
the corresponding cells (A1-B2,A2-B2,etc...) in column "A where a "Y" (and
then subsequently a green pattern) exist.

What I obviously want to do then is SUM column "B" on sheet 2 (all the
"1"'s) so all the "green cells" in column A give me a running total.

The frustrating thing is that I'm inputting the correct conditional "IF"
formula on sheet2 ("=IF(A1="Y",1)). I don't get a formula error but it
doesn't work.

Is the problem that it's indirectly referencing another sheet?

Thanks for all replies!