RE: Conditional Formatting help

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Subject: RE: Conditional Formatting help
Posted by:  Ron Coderre
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006

Maybe something like this:

Select S3:S9, with S3 as the active cell
<format><conditional formatting>
Formula is: =(S3=DATE($C$2,$D$3,$C$6))
Click the [format] button and set the formats
Click the [OK] buttons

Is that something you can work with?

XL2002, WinXP

"JimMay" wrote:

> Was trying to enter in Conditional Formatting the following Using the
> Formula Is:  << c/f's perhaps don't take arrays - which In my case are
> Holidays during the year>>
> =if(Date($C$2,D$3,$C6)={$S$3,$S$4,$S$5,$S$6,$S$7,$S$8},True)
> Is there a work-around -- I wish to conditionally format the Dates
> listed in S3:S8.
> Thanks, in advance



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