Form Fields or Controls?

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Subject: Form Fields or Controls?
Posted by:  David Cahill
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006

Good day.  I am going to use Excel 2002 to create a Pricing workbook with the
following 4 worksheets:
1) Customer Information Form: Data to be entered by external users
2) Price Quote Form: Will use data from #1 and quote pricing based on #4 &#5
4) Product Pricing Matrix: To be locked and hidden from users
5) Product Pricing Matrix II: To be locked and Hidden from users

My questions today concerns the creation of the 1st worksheet. The form will
have, check boxes, option buttons, drop down boxes, Etc.....

In general, is it better to use items from the Controls Toolbox Toolbar or
the Forms Tolbar?  My inclination is to use Controls because of the ability
to add code.

At this point in my project I am most interested in designing a form that
esthetically pleasing, functional and can be scalable should things change.

Thank you for your time.