Comibining Common Data in a Pivot Table

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Subject: Comibining Common Data in a Pivot Table
Posted by:  CrimsonPlague29
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006


I have the following data:
(The product/part/qty data is being pulled from a company database, and I am
constantly required to add and remove products as they are introduced/expire.)
          Product  Part    QTY
              one    a          2
              one    b          3
              one    a          4
              two    a          5

I am tring to generate a pivot table that will show me how many different
products part a is used on, but currently when I generate the table it would
show me part A being used on 3 products when actually it should be 2, as it
is used in product One at two different locations in the process(process used
at is extracted from database also)
    How can I make it show as being used in 2 Products?????

Thanks in Advanced