RE: Printing 3 out of 4 pages

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Subject: RE: Printing 3 out of 4 pages
Posted by:  Vincerix
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006

There is a second and easy way to set up your print area.
In the "File" menu go to "Page Setup".
In the message box, go to the 4th and last tab called "Sheet".
In the top you have "Print Area".
You can here define the 3 different pages/areas you want to print separating
each page/area using a comma.

E.g.:  to print from the cell A1 to D21 and then A40 to D65 on 2 different
pages you will type something like:


"Rich Gibbons" wrote:

> I'm trying to print, without highlighting and printing selection, 3 out of 4
> pages. The page is set up from top to bottom - I need to print page 1, 3 & 4
> only. If i change print setup so it goes from left to right this still
> doesn't fix the problem as I need to print page 1, 2 & 4.
> This page that I don't wont to print out will always come out when printing,
> has anyone got any solutions. In Word you can say which pages you can print
> out, does anyone know if you can do this Excel.
> Can anyone help its really annoying me.
> Thanks


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