Automatically Copy Specific Values to a Different Spreadsheet?

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Subject: Automatically Copy Specific Values to a Different Spreadsheet?
Posted by:  Matt
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006

I work in a hospital and I need to make doctor "scorecards".  I have a main
spreadsheet in my excel file where all the doctor and case data is saved for
the previous month.  This data includes the name of the doctor, the date, and
if the case was late, among other things.  What I need is for a formula or
program or something to allow me to run it and have excel automatically copy
all the data on a row for a specific doctor to a different excel spreadsheet.
For example, if Dr. John Doe did 7 surgeries this month, i need excel to
sort through the data on the main worksheet and paste the data for only his 7
spreadsheets to a tab that is labeled with his name (so I can see how he did
for this month).  Is this possible with excel?  I have searched everywhere
and can't seem to find what I'm looking for.  I'm sorry if my explanation
isn't clear.  If you need me to try to explain it better or give you a sample
excel file just let me know.

Thanks so much,