keep new menu item with workbook

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Subject: keep new menu item with workbook
Posted by:  Andy G
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006

Hi, I have some code that works for displaying different titles and hiding or
displaying info  on a worksheet. The problem is it works with the view menu
and I need to add more menu items. I can add the Items too the view menu, but
they are being added to my default template not to the workbook itself. If I
open other workbooks they show up. More importantly if I email the workbook
only the original items are in the view menu and not my new additions. One
other thing I noticed is that the original menu items seemed to be a group.
If I click on one it has a check mark next to it. If I click on another the
check mark moves to it. This does not happen on my new items. If I click on
them they have no check marks.

Any help would be appreciated.